NX Free ZIP Archiver

NX Free ZIP Archiver 1.0

Compress and decompress files and folders
1.0 (See all)
Creates ZIP archives and extracts the information compressed in ZIP files. Works exclusively as a Windows context menu add-on.

NX Free ZIP Archiver is a very simple program for compressing files into archives. You can select the files you want to compress by right-clicking your mouse button on them - the program will then launch itself building a ZIP file that you can later unzip by using any of the available presets. The program will place a temporary TMP file while creating the new archive, and will delete it once it has written the proper ZIP file.

You will not be able to modify anything in NX Free ZIP Archiver itself or even see a program´s entry, either. Your context menu will have a new command (Compress/Decompress) that will allow you to launch the program to compress a folder, or a file into a ZIP archive. Or decompress any ZIP archive into original files. It is not possible to choose more than a file to create an archive, but you can put all the files to include in an archive into a folder, and then compress that folder.

NX Free ZIP Archiver will not ask you to enter any parameter in order to perform compressions or decompressions. It will just perform those process quietly.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It simplifies a lot the process of creating archives


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